Who We Are

H.M. Pharma Consultancy is not your garden-type variety life science consulting firm. As an information-driven knowledge foundry in the service of pharmaceutical and medical business development, we go considerably beyond that. H.M. Pharma Consultancy has coalesced science-minded, patent-minded and market-minded thinking into a unified multidisciplinary approach which can identify, extract, analyze, and integrate all types of business-relevant information for our customers.

This way of going at things is not something that can be designed – it has grown out of decades of our staff’s decades-long experience in academia, industry, and independent consulting. Hence our motto, “Our Roots Go Deep.”

Hermann Mucke

H.M. Pharma Consultancy was founded in 2000 – and continues to be managed – by Hermann A.M. Mucke, PhD., a biochemist and molecular biologist by training who subsequently did R&D in immunology and CNS drug development, and later became a corporate scientific and intellectual property manager. Our team (deliberately kept very small) has accumulated a vast amount of expertise in knowledge management, with a focus on pharmacology, strategic patenting, and market intelligence. This is why the corporate motto is “Our Roots Go Deep.”

Based in Austria – a country with a long track record of excellent relations with the East as well as with the West – we are in the perfect location to serve European, North American, and Asian customers alike.