Strategic Patenting

Securing Intellectual Property: An All-Out Effort


Before a patent application can be filed, inventors, management, and patent attorneys must provide input of highly diverse nature. Their backgrounds and perspectives are so diverse that not “speaking a common language” is an impediment, although that might not even be apparent. H.M. Pharma Consultancy understands all these vantage points thoroughly, and can assist in the realization of the full potential of inventions by working with all parties involved in the patenting process. Specifically, our offers include the following:

  • Surveying target markets for patenting opportunities. (“Is there something emerging from our work that we should patent, but might not fully aware of at this time?”)
  • Freedom to Operate searches. (“Can we go ahead with your project without being blocked by third parties’ patents or risking an infringement suit?”)
  • Vigilance within your existing patent portfolio. (“Is anybody infringing or working around our intellectual property?”)
  • Comprehensive assistance with writing patent applications and with drafting replies to patent office actions