Small Business Services

Many of the top-ten pharmaceutical companies find H.M. Pharma Consultancy’s unique approach useful. In all these cases we will mesh with existing structures and procedures.

However, small and/or newly established companies have different business requirements. Typically, such highly focused R&D entities can profit greatly from our integrated approach which considers intellectual property, regulatory affairs, and market dynamics from the very beginnings. To these emergents H. M. Pharma Consultancy — itself a small and personalized enterprise — can attend with a degree of care and understanding that might not be available from larger advisory entities.

We are equally familiar with the academic and corporate environment. University spin-off companies that tend to combine both cultures find that we usually need little explanation to work in their mindset while we lead their business onward. Even as they eventually prepare to go public, or to make a secondary public offering, H.M. Pharma Consultancy’s services are invaluable.

In partnership with small and medium-sized life sciences businesses, H.M. Pharma Consultancy routinely participates in European Union research and innovation grant applications, e.g. for the current Horizon2020 program. We are a Steering Committee member of REPO-TRIAL which, driven by systems biology, investigates repurposed combinations of marketed drugs for the treatment of ischemic stroke and a form of heart failure.