Drug Development Services


What we do best is solving drug development problems using a holistic perspective: We consider and address all relevant aspects simultaneously. Stage-specifc services can of course be provided separately if the customer so wishes. However, it is only in the comprehensive management of an entire project that our capabilities can coalesce into the unique unified network approach.

  • By our own means and by those of our strategic partners, H.M. Pharma Consultancy provides comprehensive assistance in drug development, including the emerging strategy that is called drug repurposing or repositioning. We assist with the design, organization and monitoring of pre-clinical and early-stage clinical drug, medical device and diagnostics development projects.
  • Our intellectual property service offers expert advice concerning strategic patenting and the proper drafting of patent applications. In cooperation with your patent attorney we can help with infringement analysis and opposition proceedings.
  • Our business development support specializes in helping U.S. and Asian life science companies introduce their drug or medical device products to European Union markets. We assist with building the scientific parts of regulatory dossiers, and with writing applications for reimbursement.