H.M. Pharma Consultancy’s Push into 2023

Now that 2023 is well underway, it’s time to reflect on H.M. Pharma Consultancy’s 2022. (Yes, we postponed this a little so that everyone else could submit his reviews.)

Serving our customers, wrapping up REPO-TRIAL…

What a year it has been, too! In addition to preparing chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) documentation for several substances that are now undergoing clinical trials, HMPC has also extended its business relationship with an AI-driven drug repurposing company. In the area of EU-financed research, we have aided in the patenting of triple combinations of repurposed medications created in our REPO-TRIAL Horizon 2020 EU project as well as the advancement of these into Phase II clinical trials while navigating numerous regulatory obstacles. The international drug repurposing conference REXPO22, which drew over 120 attendees to its inaugural event, featured HMPC as a Gold Sponsor.

… and starting the Next Big Thing!

The September 1, 2022 launch of REPO4EU, a €25 million, five-plus year Horizon Europe project tasked with designing and providing an extensive framework for drug repurposing, was the highlight of 2022, though. The goal is that anyone looking to repurpose a known active ingredient for an alternate therapeutic application might utilize this framework to get not just suggestions but also high-quality tools for each step of the procedure. The REPO4EU framework will completely support patient-centered drug repurposing projects built on the understanding of systems medicine once it is fully validated by about 2027. Following that, it is intended to be incorporated into the medical preparedness and response countermeasures for the European Union.

This is a huge challenge that requires multidisciplinary collaboration across all fields involved in drug discovery and development, from algorithmically driven searches for repurposing opportunities to strategic patenting to CMC documentation to health technology assessment. HMPC serves as a highly integrative cross-sectional factor for the 28 REPO4EU beneficiaries, being involved in 9 out the 11 workpackages and leading the one tasked with technology assessment, drug prioritization, and CMC preparation.

We hit this year running!

2023 will be the year we wrap up REPO-TRIAL by concluding, analyzing, and interpreting its clinical trials in stroke and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and pulling the levers on nearly all of the many aspects of REPO4EU. We will also continue to expand our integrative consulting services to life science companies to prioritize and patent their projects… and, more often now, to help them with their financing rounds.

Stay with us on this incredible journey towards the future of medicine, which will be different from what has gone before.