REPOSCOPE – The Landscape of Current Drug Repurposing Opportunities

H.M. Pharma Consultancy is building a new tool: a database of drug repurposing claims, suggestions, and developments. For the moment we are attempting to capture and link everything of relevance that has been published since 2010, and we also integrate whatever earlier material we detect.

At the heart of this effort is the collection of drug repurposing patent applications that we have captured – and in selected cases, discussed and published – during the past ten years. Our regular contributions to Assay and Drug Development Technologies and the Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst are witness to that, as are the occasional drug repurposing patent landscapes that we publish, e.g. for cancer (Semin Cancer Biol. 2021;

Starting with these patent documents as seeds we push into the peer review literature, which can lag many months behind the patent disclosure (see Future Drug Discovery 2020; Obviously, we are also recording everything we find in the peer review universe, independent of patents.

REPOSCOPE mostly covers marketed active agents; it documents (and visualizes) what has already been publicly done or proposed. It complements another HMPC drug repurposing resource, the Discontinued Drug and Candidate Database (DDCD) which will ultimately capture the landscape of compounds that are potential drug repurposing candidates.

REPOSCOPE and DDCD are internal tools that make H.M. Pharma Consultancy special in the drug repurposing arena. With our additional expertise in regulatory affairs and market assessments we can offer unique services to our customers.