Selected drug repurposing patent applications published in Q4/2015

This is a selection of patent applications from Q4/2015 that claim new uses for known drugs, and are reviewed in ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies‘ summer special edition on drug repurposing. Note that this is only about a third of what was actually published in the quarter; activity has been constantly rising in this field of patenting. Q1/2016 to follow soon.

WO/2015/147411 ( Dong-A University Research Foundation, Korea): The insecticide rotenone, used in animal models of Parkinson’s disease, can prevent vision loss from proliferative vitroretinopathy – if the intravitreal dose is just right.

WO/2015/150793 (Emerad Ltd., Ireland): NBMI, a thiol antioxidant and potent heavy metal chelator that is in clinical trials for mercury poisoning, works in an animal model of cigarette-smoke induced COPD.

WO/2015/157223 (University of Maryland, USA): Screening of old generic drugs for activity against SARS and MERS coronaviruses shows a good dozen of potentially interesting hits, including first-generation antipsychotics, chloroquine, and gemcitabine.

WO/2015/160766 (Balance Therapeutics, Inc., USA): Pentylenetetrazol, an ancient respiratory and cardiac stimulant that blocks the GABA-A receptor chloride channel, improves hypersomnia.

WO/2015/162870 (Omoidesouzou Co. Ltd., Japan): Kissei’s asthma drug tranilast, already in extensive repurposing investigations for cancer and fibrosis, inhibits amyloid fiber formation and might have potential in lichen amyloidosus and Alzheimer’s disease.

WO/2015/165856 (Epipharm AG, Switzerland): The malaria drug artemisinin and artesunate is claimed for seborrheic keratosis.

WO/2015/170248 (Cellworks Research India Pvt. Ltd., India): Combinations of nelfinavir, metformin and rosuvastatin for treating tumors with involvement of the PTEN/PI3K/AKT/mTOR axis.

WO/2015/173788 (University of Münster, Germany): Kinase inhibitors that inhibit MEK, p38, and/or NF-kappaB can prevent bacetrial superinfections complicating influenza.

WO/2015/181412 (Universitat de les illes Balears, Spain): Prevention of kidney stones might be yet another application for theobromine.

WO/2015/187847 (Cure-It, LLC, USA): Misoprostol – commonly used for labor induction and to reduce postpartum bleeding, outpermorms imatinib in a mouse model of chronic myeloic leukemia.

WO/2015/189650 (Skillpharm Kft., Hungary): Clopidogrel, the popular antiplatelet drug, reduces prostate-specific antigen levels, and might be useful benign prostate hyperplasia.