H.M. Pharma Consultancy teams with Excelra for drug repurposing services in Europe

We have signed a collaboration agreement with Excelra Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd. of Hyderabad (India) that expands the scope of our drug repurposing offers.

Original press release: http://www.excelra.com/excelra-expands-its-drug-repurposing.php

Excelra expands its Drug Repurposing solutions outreach in Europe through collaboration with H.M. Pharma Consultancy

— Aims at jointly developing various strategies for European pharma and biotech companies towards indication expansion, drug lifecycle management and drug rescue —

Hyderabad and Vienna – May 13, 2016 – Excelra, Asia’s leading knowledge solutions company today announced its collaboration with H.M. Pharma Consultancy, a life science consulting enterprise based in Austria, to jointly provide Drug repurposing services to Pharma and Biotech companies across Europe.

Drug Repurposing at Excelra is driven by its proprietary platform called GRIP-Global Repurposing Integrated Platform. The platform uses unique algorithm driven techniques that allow you to expedite drug centric, disease centric and target centric repurposing of marketed and failed/shelved compounds. Excelra partners with clients to offer end-to-end drug repurposing collaborative research services starting form in-silico hypothesis generation to IND enabling studies.

H.M. Pharma Consulting addresses client’s repurposing needs based on its knowledge of biological pathways, deep context mining of the scientific literature, patent documents and other text-based sources. Through this collaboration, Excelra and HMPC aim at utilizing joint expertise towards co-developing innovative applications of known drugs and compounds to new indications for clients in Europe.

Dr. Nandu Gattu, Vice President, Drug Repurposing, Excelra said, “Both parties will work together to support areas of drug repurposing. HMPC provides us with complementing skill-sets and know-how on their knowledge driven expertise in the area of drug re-profiling. This collaboration is an example of our assurance towards providing accelerated innovation to our potential partners in the European life science community”.

Dr. Hermann Mucke, HMPC’s Proprietor and Executive Officer said, “Drug repurposing is an effort that requires multidisciplinary approaches. The collaboration with Excelra enables us to identify potential opportunities that would not have been evident otherwise. We now look forward to being able to serve our customers even better, with broader perspectives on drug repurposing and facilitate Excelra’s business solutions in Europe.”

About Excelra Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd.:
Established in 2001, Excelra is a knowledge solutions company that leverages its extensive scientific knowledge base, technology and domain expertise to provide intelligent data and analytics solutions to customers globally. Our expertise span across Data solutions, Data Indexing and Abstraction, Data Analytics, Agro Chemical Registrations, Content enhancement and Drug Repurposing solutions. Excelra has a team of over 650 scientists with rich experiences in Chemistry, biology and clinical science. Our customers include the world’s largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology, publishing, agrochemical, life sciences companies and leading academic institutions.

About H. M. Pharma Consultancy e.U.:
H.M. Pharma Consultancy is an information-driven knowledge foundry in the service of pharmaceutical and medical device development. Scientific expertise, advanced data retrieval and analysis modalities, and cutting edge knowledge management enable us to operate internationally from our offices in Austria as a highly flexible and responsive enterprise. Our focus areas are drug repurposing, strategic patenting, life science market analysis, drug development programs up to early-stage clinical trials, and business development. For more details please visit www.hmpharmacon.com.